It also makes an excellent evergreen hedge. Varieties of Firethorn You can trim them at any time of the year as long as you take no more than one-third of the growth. Fertilizer Requirements. Foliage/texture: P. coccinea has ovate leaves that taper to an acuminate tip, serrate to dentate, to 1.5 inches long when mature, new foliage can be densely pubescent. Teton Firethorn is a variety of a thorny, fast-growing evergreen shrub with stiff branches and an upright-spreading habit that make it ideal for hedging. Common name: Firethorn Pyracantha is a pretty shrub with attractive flowers and magnificent red, yellow or orange berries in autumn and winter.It is often trained against a wall or fence. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Pyracantha, Firethorn (Pyracantha ) 'Mohave' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's Garden. This plant has some cultivated varieties. Firethorn plants grow quickly and benefit from occasional pruning. It has an abundance of white blossoms in spring and is loaded with beautiful orange-red berries on spurs along the wood of the previous year’s growth in autumn. Firethorn is a semi-evergreen shrub with shiny leaves that remain long into winter, white spring flowers, and brilliant orange berries in the fall. Growth Habit: From prostrate and spreading to rounded or columnar, depending on cultivar. Pyracantha. Pyracantha coccinea 'Red Column' is a fast-growing hedge plant, with an expected growth of 50cm a year. All have glossy green, 1- to 4 inches- long, - to 1 inches-wide leaves that are generally oval or rounded at ends; all bear flowers and fruit on spurs along wood of last year's growth. The fruit is bitter and astringent, making it inedible when raw. Pyracantha Firethorn(Coccinea) The Pyracantha is an Asian evergreen which is also called Firethorn. Annual fertilization when new growth begins in late winter can help boost the growth of your pyracantha shrub. This article should answer all your questions about choosing and caring for pyracantha. Growth rate of Red Pyracantha hedging. Plants can be unruly if not pruned regularly. All grow fast and vigorously, varying in habit from upright to sprawling. The spiny growth of pyracanthas also helps deter predators, such as cats. What’s more, pyracanthas thrive on cool north- and east-facing walls and fences in just about any soil that’s reasonably fertile, making them a great choice for problem spots that are otherwise hard to plant up. Their dense growth, combined with vicious thorns also make them ideal hedging plants. To ensure fruits, prune in early spring before the flowers form. Native to a broad region covering southwestern Europe all the way to southeastern Asia, Firethorn is adaptable to a variety of environments and soil conditions. Growth rate of vigorous cultivars is very rapid and can reach 20 feet in height. These hedges look best when maintained to a height of between 1 - 3 metres. Even the most determined intruder would not wish to cross a fully grown Pyracantha! Red Firethorn also works well when planted alone, giving your garden a lasting burst of colour and interest. Firethorn care is almost foolproof as long as you follow a few important tips.